About Aerial Quads

Andy Gibbons is an active RC enthusiast, flying radio controlled aircraft for six years, and building custom multirotors for over three.

He combined his love for radio controlled helicopters and commercial video production, and launched Aerial Quads in early 2011.

From aerial cinematography for independent films to documenting damage following natural disasters to attending RC and Video expos, Andy has traveled from his home in Northwest Ohio  across the country and abroad honing his artistic and accurate eye for streaming and still imaging.

Aerial Quads Equipment:

Andy captures video and still photography using a variety of high tech cameras, ranging from a GoPro HD to a Panasonic GH2 1080p high definition SLR camera.

The GH2 provides 16 Megapixel shots for the clearest detail and sharpest videos.  The 5.8GHz video downlink provides live streaming video feed to goggles or a monitor on the ground.  Cinema level video editing provided with Adobe Premier Pro CS5.5 and photo editing with Adobe Photoshop CS5.5.

For more information how Aerial Quads can provide you with the aerial photography and videography services you need, contact us today.