Aerial Photography And Video Services

Aerial Photography & Video Services:

Using custom mounted HD camera, Aerial Quads can provide you with a view of the world not often seen by those on the ground. Radio controlled aerial photography and videography is an invaluable resource and priceless asset, whether you want jaw dropping panoramic stills for your promotional materials or capturing live footage for a television news station.

Aerial Quads can meet your all your photography and video service needs in a more competitive and versatile fashion, leaving manned traditional aerial photography in the dark ages.

  • Versatility. Radio Controlled Helicopters can venture where manned aircraft simply cannot go, operating at heights of 10 to 500 ft.
  • Affordable. It’s much more cost effective and budget friendly than traditional aerial photography.
  • Instant gratification. Clients are able to see the photos and video live as it’s captured.
  • Unmatched quality. Due to the latest image stabilization software and camera technology, Aerial Quads photography and video services are on par or of higher quality than full size aircraft imaging services.
  • It’s green! Radio Controlled helicopters are more environmentally friendly, and quieter, than traditional aircraft.

Services start at just $100, contact us today for more information!